Top 5 Reasons Velvet Revolver Shouldn't Reunite

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Dude. No.

You might have read recently that Stone Temple Pilots front man Scott Weiland is teasing a full-time comeback for his other band. You know, the one with the guys from Guns N' Roses. That's right, Velvet Revolver. I know, I tried to forget about them too, but apparently the guys in the band are intent on keeping this thing going for some reason.

It's tough to say what I would want to talk about with the members of this band if I had the chance. I'd probably gush even if I only got to meet Matt Sorum. He is a former member of Guns N' Roses, after all. But I think one of my top priorities would be to somehow, someway, convince them not to get Velvet Revolver back together. And I've got some really good reasons why.

5.There Are Enough Generic Alt-Rock Bands Around Today
Seriously, there are bands like Velvet Revolver everywhere. All you have to do is turn on 94.5 The Buzz and you're set. We don't need any more music like this out there. Not only is it unnecessary, it's a waste of the talents of everyone involved.

Remember how excited you were to hear what they would come up with? And remember when you first heard "Slither"? Yeah, let's not put anyone through that again.

4. Slash's Solo Band is Better
This should go without saying, but why settle for Velvet Revolver when you can just hear Slash play with his solo band like Houston got to back in September? He plays GN'R songs, Snakepit songs and yes, even some VR songs. It would probably cost you a lot less, too.

It's also probably a lot more fun for Slash to play solo anyway. After all, Myles Kennedy doesn't go off and on the wagon every other year.

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The band will probably never get back together in the same capacity, but I would welcome a new album if it did. This blog post was pretty petty and uninformed. (Gilby Clarke was never offered a role in the band.) 

CMVC(music video thread)
CMVC(music video thread)

I am fan of VR ,but I agree they should not reunite. all this talk started after slash stated in a interview that STP fired weiland and the comments scott has stated in interviews here and there.VR was needed in '02 whn rock music need rock and roll, but scott needs to get his crap together and concertrate on stone temple pilots, not this fling he had with VR.

Rick Barras
Rick Barras

I stopped reading when they suggested that Slither wasn't well-received. :facepalm:

Greg O'Brien
Greg O'Brien

gonna blaspheme here, but I think VR was better than GnR. I can't STAND Axl's voice (or anything else about that woman beating PoS). Scott Weilend is the best thing to happen to GnR. And no, this isnt a troll.

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