The Rocks Off 100: Dwight Taylor Lee, the Wandering Bufalero

What do you have planned for 2013, and what are you looking forward to? Lee practically tells us another war story. "Two thousand eleven was packed with record releases and touring with Literary Greats' Black Blizzard and the Finnegan record, both getting great radio play and licensing and whatnot."

Then in 2012, Darin and Ginny from Finnegan had a baby, Sara Van Buskirk had a baby, Brandon Elam just had a second kid, and Russ and Andie -- also from Finnegan -- got married.

All my bandmates were creating and doing great things, it just wasn't recording and playing shows. So I spent my time writing, playing solo shows and putting together a project called The Wandering Bufaleros.

The Wandering Bufaleros is sort of a Houston experiment. Songwriters submit songs that are recorded by other Houston musicians. When we play shows, the band members change, even though we play the same songs. We are currently tracking a record which will hopefully be out in early 2013.

"Also, with the downtime, my brother and I have put in the legwork on opening up a bar in the Heights," Lee concludes. "We are very close to signing a lease and if so, it will be open hopefully by mid-'13. Of course, it will feature local talent of all kinds."

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