The Rocks Off 100: Dwight Taylor Lee, the Wandering Bufalero

Good War Story:

Two gig-related war stories come to mind for Lee:

"One was a friendly fire accident," he says. "Years ago I played in a band called Lazlo. We were a bit more aggressive than what I'm doing now."

During the last song, I jumped off the drum riser just as my bass player was turning around and caught the bass's headstock square on the nose. We finished, screaming, with blood gushing and people in shock. Luckily, it was the last song, I went backstage and set it. It's actually straighter now than it was before.

The other one was with the same band at AvantGarden, when it was actually Helios. We started playing our set to a full room expecting a good night when someone started dancing upfront like a wild man. It seemed way over the top and by the third song, it was a distraction.

I could tell the crowd thought it was annoying. We didn't do anything until the guy got onstage and started bumping into the gear and rubbing on my leg. I was singing and reached one arm back, grabbed a hand full of dreads and threw him off stage into some tables. As he tried to get back up, our bass player put his foot on his butt and pushed him back down.

We didn't miss a beat, the crowd loved it, and the guy went and sat down at the bar for the rest of the show. We chalked it up to just being another anything-goes night at Helios.

Best Show You Have Ever Been a Part of or Seen: "The best big show I've been to is a tie between Arcade Fire at ACL in 2007 or Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band at what was the Summit back when. Both spanned the spectrum of being very intimate at times and then larger than life at others.

"The Arcade Fire show was borderline spiritual," he adds. "There was a connectivity in the atmosphere. I've only ever felt that onstage while playing with Finnegan. That group of people and the music has something in it that tugs at the heartstrings."

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