The Rocks Off 100: Beau Beasley, Organist for the End of Time

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homopoulis 0121.jpg
Photo by Rosa Guerrero
Beau Beasley (far right) with the Homopolice circa February 2009
Who? For this edition of the Rocks Off 100, we reached out to Beau Beasley, of Houston grind legends Insect Warfare, The Homopolice, NO TALK, Born Liars, Reason Of Insanity, Knuckle Scraper, Machine Gun Romantics, Race Against Time, KG Beasley And the Leather Violence, and a host of other bands that I cannot remember now. I am probably forgetting a dozen more.

Recently he has picked up the organ and struck out as Beau Beasley and the Ensemble for the End of Time. He opens up for Blues Control on February 8 at Mango's on a bill with sIngs.

Introduce yourself, please, Mr. Beasley.

"I'm Beau Beasley. Organist. Synthesist. Tennisist."

Home Base: "Timbergrove, Houston, Texas."

Why You Stay In Houston? " I stay because it's not cool to stay in Houston."

Good War Story: "I got a noise ordinance ticket way, way, way, way, way before any of the recent noise restrictions," opens Beasley.

I cannot remember which band we booked, but Josh Wolf, Frank of PLF fame, and I booked some show at some punk/squat house down the street from Mary Jane's. The cops came in, shut it down and said for everyone to go home.

Some dumb underage poser punk yelled, "Fuck the police!" and the cops turned on their heels, came back and gave the three of us tickets.

Back then the fine was only around $300, I believe. We all went to court, put on our nicest nice-boy faces and the nice judge let us off. Happy endings abound.

Music Scene Pet Peeve: "Laziness."

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