The Best Concerts In Houston This Weekend

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Jealous Creatures
Fitzgerald's, January 26

I'm not going to give a whole lot away here, but while Keller Williams is jamming out upstairs at Fitz, one of Houston's best new bands, Jealous Creatures, will be pulling downstairs duty. After about two and a half listens, the Creatures' new album Bazooka is one of the strongest local releases I've heard in many, many many months. It's got hooks and heart, and it kinda rocks. You'll be hearing a lot more about them, I feel almost certain, but go see them Saturday before it gets a whole lot more crowded. CHRIS GRAY

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Keller Williams
Fitzgerald's, January 26

One-man-band Keller Williams once again comes to Houston with a stage full of gear he uses to create loops around himself, crafting a menagerie of sound in front of astonished crowds. What's that, a steel drum? God bless the Gibson Echoplex delay system.

Williams accomplishes by himself what it takes most jam-band kids years of woodshedding to master. Check out his hepped-up seven-minute YouTube take on Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks," where he manages to make the song a million times more interesting. CRAIG HLAVATY

Air Supply
Arena Theatre, January 27

Plenty of 2013's indie acts are copping their hustle from Air Supply. Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell were twee before people even knew what twee was, or how much they would one day hate it. Comparatively, the duo made Hall & Oates seem like NYC electronic death duo Suicide.

Even still, Hitchcock and Russell are responsible for some of the schmaltziest, most overwrought and somehow longest-lasting soft-rock songs of the past 50 years: "All Out Of Love," "Making Love (Out of Nothing At All)" and plenty of other cuts with the word "love" in the title. CRAIG HLAVATY

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