The Best Concerts In Houston This Weekend

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Photo courtesy of What Made Milwaukee Famous
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Fitzgerald's, January 25

What Made Milwaukee Famous have been plying their melodic, emotionally fraught brand of indie-rock for a decade now, appearing on Austin City Limits (the festival and the TV show) and releasing a pair of albums on Seattle indie Barsuk. The brand-new, self-released LP You Can't Fall Off the Floor bolts a few different musical styles -- brooding jazz-pop, chunky fuzz-rock, hard-swallowing country -- to the group's reliably blood-spilling lyrics. With Grandfather Child and Charles P and the 10 Percent. CHRIS GRAY

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Sleepy LaBeef, The Wagoneers
Continental Club, January 25

Sleepy LaBeef has one line on his resume befitting his 6'7" frame and pro-wrestler physique: he played "The Swamp Thing" in The Exotic Ones, a 1968 horror-comedy about a monster shanghaied from the Louisiana bayous to a New Orleans strip club, where he takes a liking to some of the talent.


Bizarre Acting Roles by 20 Famous Musicians

LaBeef's musical career isn't quite as exotic, but the 77-year-old Arkansas native cut a few singles for Houston's Starday Records in the late '50s, an early stop in a career that eventually put him in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame thanks to his elemental live performances and crackling albums such as 1996's I'll Never Lay My Guitar Down. Opening the show is Austin's rebooted Wagoneers, the Mavericks-like trad-country crew polished to a fine modern finish. Both LaBeef and the Wagoneers stop by for a brief meet-and-greet around the corner at Sig's Lagoon at 6:30 p.m. Friday. CHRIS GRAY

Houston Press Artopia
Winter Street Studios (2101 Winter), January 26

The Houston Press' annual art party and hobnob mecca Artopia returns for another round of well-dressed, well-heeled revelry at Winter Street Studios. Each year we line up a handful of local acts who are too hip for words, and this time around Artopia presents the hirsute, burly Poor Pilate, icy indie outfit Bang Bangz, and dance-rockers Bagheera.

Bagheera's Aidan Kennedy has even opened for M83's Anthony Gonzalez in Austin and warmed up the crowd before a Halloween '12 Ghostland Observatory gig at Warehouse Live. There will be plenty of room to dance, but the courage to do so is in your hands. Ticket information at CRAIG HLAVATY

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2706 White Oak, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Continental Club

3700 Main, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Winter Street Studios

2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX

Category: General

Arena Theatre

7326 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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