The 5 Worst Tattoos In Rap

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Lil Wayne Marco Torres.JPG
Photo by Marco Torres
Lil Wayne loves weed. He loves it so much that he got "baked" tattooed on his forehead.. Yes, I'm serious. It also apparently refers to Baker Skateboards as well because skating is the only thing Weezy loves as much as weed. This joins the litany of other stupid things tattooed on Lil Wayne's face which haw apparently become a blank canvas for anybody.

While we await the inevitable other logos from Weezy's corporate sponsors to be tattooed on his face, today we'll take a look at other stupid tats rappers have had put on their bodies forever. Lil Tunechi isn't the only one who can mark himself forever with ridiculous things and, damn it, the other rappers who have done this deserve their due as well.

Nas Marco Torres.JPG
Photo by Marco Torres
5. Nas' Tragic Kelis Portrait
A tribute to love gone bad, Nas unfortunately covered his forearm in a nude image of his then-wife Kelis. I guess he never expected that they would fall out of love and into a nasty divorce and custody battle. Oh well.

Nas got it covered up later (badly, I might add), but I have to question the wisdom in getting it in the first place. Not because he should have seen the divorce coming, although he probably should have considering he never stopped rapping about getting head from random groupies throughout his entire marriage, but because why would he want to show everybody a nude drawing of his wife on his arm anyway?

4. Drake's Aaliyah Tribute
Drake loves Aaliyah. Like, he really loves her. He's even apparently working on an album of unreleased songs she recorded before her death, without the approval of any of Aaliyah's friends or family. He also got this huge, creepy tattoo of her on his back. Drake is to Aaliyah as Jeff Mangum is to Anne Frank is what I'm getting at.

Also pictured is his strangely off-center owl tattoo, which looks like it was drawn by a child. To cap it all off is his surprisingly well-done bird tattoo above Aaliyah, which makes the others look even more out of place and ridiculous.

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You're right about Chris Brown being the worst person in the world, but he's not a rapper. And jeez, Nas' coverup is truly horrible.

Julian Bajsel
Julian Bajsel

What? The Ice Cream Lightning is the BEST tattoo in music. Brrr!!

Mon Ica
Mon Ica

My mom always told me, and still does... "you are not animal" My response is always.. "rawr!"

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