ShipRocked: A Storm From Five Finger Death Punch, and the Weather

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A few weeks ago, Rocks Off's Kevin Ramer shoved off on the 2012 edition of ShipRocked, which bills itself as "the ultimate rock music cruise vacation." These are his reports.

Day 3 opener.JPG
Photos by Kevin Ramer
Atlantis, Bahamas
Thursday, November 29, the passengers of ShipRocked woke up to a pleasant view of the beautiful Bahamas capital city of Nassau. Those who had partied extremely heavily the cruises previous two days were starting to show signs of exhaustion and painful hangovers, but not many places are more beautiful to just relax and take a load off than the Bahamas. And visiting Paradise Island's famous Atlantis Resort and Casino can also take one's mind off any problems or worries.


ShipRocked: Hard Rock Hijinks On a Big, Big Boat

Docking in Nassau at around 8 a.m., ShipRockers had many options such as heading into the city, taking a boat to Paradise Island to swim or snorkel, maybe even gamble in the huge casino in the Atlantis resort.

ShipRockers could also take part in several excursions, even a catamaran-and-snorkeling adventure with some of the rock stars from the ship. A few lucky passengers who booked early enough even got to go on a catamaran cruise with members of Queensryche, Halo Method/Papa Roach, Fuel, Helmet and Sevendust.

Lisa & POD Bahamas'12--2.JPG
Members of P.O.D. with a fan in the Bahamas
Rock stars were spotted all over the island: In the casino, on one of the many beaches, snorkeling, drinking and just enjoying the beautiful Caribbean scenery. Most fans were respectful of the artists' time but none of them seemed to mind fans' taking pictures, whether hanging at the beach or playing a hand at the blackjack tables. What could be better than sipping a Mai Tai on the beach with a few of your rock idols?

Queensryche's Geoff Tate has returned to ShipRocked, and sat down with Rocks Off to talk about what makes the trip so special. "I love the concept of a bunch of people getting on a boat and traveling the ocean, and playing music," he said. "I just love that idea.

"ShipRocked is a lot more friendly that a lot of festivals you go to, where you have strict schedules," added Tate. "This is a lot more relaxed. You get to hang out with people for a lot longer period than a festival. You don't often get to sit on a boat with a bunch of musicians that you love their music, so it's pretty unique."

Good choice of words.

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