Rusted Shut's Don Walsh Loves Him Some Zappa

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Zappa Family Trust
Dweezil Zappa, spitting image of his dad
RO: How did your teenage brain process that stuff?

DW: I'd been listening to Zappa [and the] Mothers since '70, so it was well-seasoned by then.

I'd bike up to the local record store and the older hippie running the place was always playing strange wacked-out music. I'd say, "What the hell is that stuff?" He was playin freakout and absolutely free, etc. [An] older neighbor had a copy of that stuff and I borrowed them and put 'em on my turntable, or should I say the household turntable.

[My] parents kind of said, "What pray tell is that godawful music?" Haha. A year later or so got my own stereo and then began buying records from that hippie at Evolution Records.

I also had a real good friend my age that was real into strange, far-out music and we'd listen to that stuff after school let out. He turned me onto Anthem of the Sun aoxomoxoa, Can, Soft Machine. All that stuff sounds normal now, but back then... whoa!

RO: Where was Evolution Records?

DW: It was out on Memorial Drive around [the] West Belt.

RO: Are there any songs you're especially hoping to hear?

DW: Umm, let's see. "Trouble Every Day," "Willie the Pimp," "Brain Police," "Cosmic Debris," "Peaches en Regalia," "Let's Make the Water Turn Black," "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," and "Whippin' Post." That would be sufficient. Ha.

RO: Haha. Would you say Zappa had a big influence on your own musical endeavors?

DW: At the time of seeing him I didn't play guitar at all. I didn't start until '82, and it did involve playing crazy-ass noise and weird instrumentals, but nothing that sounded Zappaesque at all. Just a lot of hellacious avant-improv with friends.

RO: What about more... philosophically, shall we say?

DW: He was quite strict in what and how things were learned and performed. I didn't quite pick up any of those qualities when it comes to music playing.

Zappa Plays Zappa hits House of Blues, 1204 Caroline, tonight. Doors open at 7 p.m.

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i know Don to be a closet Yes fan...  the uninitiated dismiss Rusted Shut as bombastic drivel, but you can't do what he does without knowing music...  on stage they are nothing short of a religious experience...

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