Liam Gallagher Is My Hero. Don't Judge Me.

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Solly Darling via Wikipedia
Liam Gallagher is a literary genius.

Yes, I said it. And I won't take it back.

But wait. Don't start typing out your "Beady Eye sucks and their album tanked" rant just yet. I can explain.

I say this based not on Liam's musical prowess but on his inane ability to drop pearls of bitchy wisdom aimed at the likes of everyone from UK football star Wayne Rooney to the Scissor Sisters, while managing to keep the press interested in his work with a band that has thus far, well, sucked.

His liquid-gold rants are any reporter's wet dream, and have managed to create a cult following for the former Oasis front man that has extended well past his musical glory days.

If Liam Gallagher could write lyrics like he slings out bitchy potshots, Beady Eye would be a huge commercial success. But he doesn't, and it's not.

Chances are, unless Liam Gallagher writes the next Beady Eye album as a compilation of his more famous quotes, it will probably tank too. He doesn't seem to have the right equation down for hammering out a strong album without brother Noel.

What he does have the right equation for, however, is killing it with gratuitously dirty profanity-laced rants, which will keep his crappy band in the press for as long as it continues making albums.

With Beady Eye set to release its sophomore album this year, Liam's rants have already hit the press. In honor of what's to come, let's take a look back at his ten most glorious quotes to date.

10. "Every time I look in the mirror, God looks back."

9. "Being a lad is what I'm about. I can tell you who isn't a lad -- anyone from Blur."

8. "If I ever win any more fucking awards I'd personally invite him to get up and take my award off me. I fucking tell you that...That was rude when he did that to that girl, that Taylor Swift. So yeah, give me an award and see where it goes. It will roll out of his fucking arse."

-- on Kanye West

7. "Bright colors and fucking weirdos on stilts? I'm more entertaining than that shit."

-- on the Scissor Sisters

6. "They're jealous and senile, and not getting enough fucking meat pies."

-- on Keith Richards and George Harrison

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Someone needs to tell him to Don't Look Back In Anger.  Roll With It, D'you Know What I Mean?


TIL: there are Oasis super fans.  And they comment on blog posts.


Another journalist sucking Noel's dick. It doesn't really matter how much you try to destroy Liam's imagen. He is a legend and is pretty much the only one keeping rock & roll alive, while everybody else is doing pop/dance shit.


how American you are... how much you don't know... 

you even confused Liam with Noel Gallagher... check out who's the media darling... strong album like Noel's 28the place in the Usa and 23 negative reviews? wow... 

you should also check the polls: the fans bought more Noel's but then preferred LIAM's album...

NOEL Gallagher's Low Lying Turds suck and their album tanked, in fact they already disbanded. Beady Eye are publishing their new album

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