RiFF RaFF and Hip-Hop's Greatest Method Rappers

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Even if most are slowly drawing away from the powers of the BasedGod, he still pulls off things that are absolutely inane yet catchy. He still hasn't performed in Houston yet, which is a drag, but making sure his tabby cat gets screen time is bloody brilliant. Hell, he spent time attempting to join the Golden State Warriors last year -- if that isn't going deep to research a role for a new mixtape, then what is?

It gets no more method than making your rap name Gunplay, then releasing random strange videos detailing your flirtations with drugs and fun at amusement parks, and then getting locked up for robbing your own accountant. Did Gunplay learn from his boss on the subject? Who knows, the guy has a swastika tattoo and could easily be one of the more beloved rappers in human existence if you played "Cartoons & Cereal" on a loop.

*About that whole James Franco/RiFF RaFF thing, RiFF told MTV that he commends Franco's performance and hopes he wins a Grammy for it.

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