RiFF RaFF and Hip-Hop's Greatest Method Rappers

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There's an idea floating around in the pools of rap consciousness that most guys within the genre are merely method actors on par with Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln. Rick Ross might have already secured a few Academy Awards with his confusing portrayal of a flamboyant mafioso kingpin who dwells in matters of the absurd, but the meta of this? Watching someone else pull off the technique with little to no disparity.

We know RiFF RaFF. We love RiFF RaFF and also slightly despise what he represents. He belongs to Houston while belonging to the world. To date, I've yet to actually be involved in a hometown RiFF RaFF show, a crime against snob-blog humanity, I know.

He's a purist's absolute nightmare, even if he just had a hand in one of the year's best rap singles in "Bird On a Wire" with New York's Action Bronson. Bronson famously led a parade down Westheimer when he performed here back in September, so Jody Highroller is in elite company in that regard.

A conversation about him leads to a number of concepts being brought up the same way you'd expect bringing up an ex-girlfriend: beloved in some spaces, abhorred in others but still constant in your life because of his sheer existence. He's the Rap Game Marlon Brando with a dash of "Larry Bird" tossed in for good measure.

But, rap has its actors, and even though RiFF RaFF essentially got parodied by James Franco for the new film Spring Breakers* co-starring Gucci Mane (!), John McClain (yes, pitiful John McClain), Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson -- he can at least hold his head high above the fact he is one of rap's greatest method actors.

Along with these guys:

Supposedly, Keef is public enemy No. 1, a distinct symbol of gun violence and bait for any rap label scurrying to pick up on controversy for dollar signs. After a Pitchfork interview with him in a gun range was found to be in violation of his probation, Keef reportedly dropped a few tears in court as he was sentenced to 60 days. Shedding no tears over your enemies but crying in the courthouse? How Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects of him.

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