Def Leppard's Rick Allen and 10 More Miraculous Rock Recoveries

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Photo by Barry Sigman
1. Bret Michaels
Ever wondered what was underneath Bret Michaels' bandana? In 2010, it turned out that it was hiding a pretty serious brain hemorrhage that nearly killed the poor guy. Suffering from what must have been a fairly awful headache, the Poison front man was rushed to the hospital in April of that year, where doctors discovered he was bleeding beneath the thin tissue covering his brain.

Anytime something fucks up in your brain, you're in deep shit. The singer was listed in critical condition, and had to be placed into a medically induced coma. Somehow, he pulled through, making a full recovery against all odds.

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Regarding Rick Allen's car crash. He WAS wearing his seatlbelt. The problem was, from what Ive read, he either didnt fasten it completely or the latch was faulty.

MadMac topcommenter

I love that Mustaine claimed he lost the use of his arm after a motorcycle accident--those oh-so-kewl rockers and their Harley scooters--come to find out he just slept funny.

Kimberly Branson
Kimberly Branson

Some honorable mentions: country singer Barbara Mandrell and her children surviving a head-on collision in 1984; Richard Thompson and Ashley Hutchings recovering from serious injuries sustained in a spring 1969 van crash that killed Thompson's costume designer girlfriend Jeanyne Franklin and Martin Lamble, drummer of Thompson and Hutchings' band band Fairport Convention; Nancy Nevins reuniting with her band Sweetwater more than two decades after she and her friend were broadsided by a drunk driver December 8, 1969, critically injuring her and causing her voice to drop by half of what it once was; and producer emeritus Quincy Jones, who enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thirty-plus years after he was found with a double-brain aneurysm that would have ended his great life and career had it not been removed in time.


@DSchiller That what the man says, but I'm not sure I buy it. Then again, he was there and I wasn't.


@MadMac Could be that he was shy about admitting his 14th or 15th trip to rehab. It's not like he was a young kid paying for some mistakes by that point -- he was already officially old when he screwed up his arm. 

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