Beat Repeat: 5 EDM Tracks We'll Be Raging to In 2013

Every year thousands of songs get released, most of them fairly forgettable. The tracks you forget could fill countless hard drives, but it's all worth it to find that handful of really great songs.

If a song is really good -- if it just knocks your socks off the first time you hear it -- it may end up becoming a part of the greater canon of a genre, one of those timeless tracks you always remember.

Like any other genre, EDM has its canon classics, songs that always get a dance floor moving. Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction," for example, turns 10 in 2013, and DJs still throw it on because people still love it a decade later.

There was a lot to love in EDM in 2012, but it would be foolish to say in the heat of the moment which tracks are destined to become long term classics. So instead let's keep it simple: What songs from the previous 12 months will make the leap in to 2013?

5. M83, "Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix)"
Eric Prydz's danced-up version of M83's 2011 anthem was, aside from Bassnectar's remix of Ellie Goulding's "Lights," perhaps the most obvious remix put out in 2012. The song was already dancey, and Prydz just took it to its logical conclusion.

You knew exactly what it would sound like before you hit "play," and when you did it was everything you wanted it to be. "Midnight City" is one of those songs that it seems like everyone loves, and this remix makes dropping it into a set easier than ever.

4. Nari & Milani, "Atom"
Some songs are situationally great -- you may not want to hear them all the time but in certain contexts they're absolutely perfect. "Atom" is one of those songs, a bit underwhelming on your headphones but a beast on a good sound system.

The greatness of this track is directly related to how loud it's being played. Whether you're in the middle of a sweaty mass of people or working out at home, crank the volume up, wait for "blast beat go!" to drop, and get moving.



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