Songza: Can a "Musical Concierge" Match Your Mood?

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Check out "Chess Upon The Thames," which is full of great selections from the British blues boom: Cream, the Groundhogs, the Animals. The classic country playlists aren't bad, either. When you lead off with Guy Clark, you sorta win everything.

Signing up for Songza is easy with a Facebook account, and it follows your friends who also have Songza accounts, which is convenient and creepy. Now my friends know that the first thing I reached for on Songza was "New Age Beginnings."

The site touts that their playlists are "made by an expert team of music critics, DJs, musicians and musicologists," which in 2013 means almost everyone with an iTunes account and access to WiFi.

Right now it's Monday afternoon, I need an energy boost, and Songza is asking me if I am in the mood for hype rap, happy pop, upbeat '90s, fun and fast pop, or energetic indie.

I choose hype rap because I am fearful of what energetic indie means (probably fun) right now.

So do I want '90s club bangers, today's club bangers or hip-hop trunk rattlers? '90s club bangers it is. And Mase's "Feel So Good" starts me off, followed by Outkast and Foxy Brown.

That'll do, Songza, that'll do.



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