The Rocks Off 100: OG Bobby Trill, Bombon Beatmaker

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Good War Story: "Being a family man/DJ is the hardest thing in the world, but I wouldn't change it for anything," he says. "It's like that thing that you never knew you've always wanted. But it gets really tough trying to find that balance between doing what you love and taking care of your responsibilities."

I'm happy to have someone on my team that understands my passion and supports me through it all. Things got really tough especially with the Red Bull Thr3eStyle because I felt like i wasn't going to have as much time to prepare as the other DJs who are all professional DJs.

I'm usually a procrastinator, but it was really important for me to show Houston and Red Bull what I have to offer, so I sucked it up and prepared a little bit each day sometimes only getting a few hours sleep until I had to be at work the next morning. All of the hard work paid off in the end lol!

Music Scene Pet Peeve: "EASY!" OGT computer-shouts. "If you read this, please stop telling the DJ what they should play. Some of us handle it better than others, but I'd have to say 99 percent of DJs hate that. We know what we are doing, people, but you cant please everyone."

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Five Desert Island Discs:

  • Thud Rumble Super Seal, Skratchy Seal
  • Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
  • Aceyalone, Book of Human Language
  • Digable Planets, Rebirth of Slick
  • K-Otix, You Know the Name

"All of these mean so much to me for different reasons," he says.

Best Show Ever: "I bugged out watching Method Man for the first time," vows OGT.

What's the Next Show/Project You're Promoting? Bombon goes down every first Saturday, so February 2, at Fox Hollow. OGT spins at Red Bull's Thr3eStyle U at Warehouse Live February 9, and competes in the Thr3style regional qualifier at Trees in Dallas on February 23.

See who else has joined The Rocks Off 100 this year on the next page.

Location Info

Fox Hollow

4617 Nett St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

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