The Rocks Off 100: OG Bobby Trill, Bombon Beatmaker

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Photos by Marco Torres
Happy winner OG Bobby Trill (center, white T-shirt) at Saturday's Red Bull Thr3estyle Houston qualifier
Who? Last Saturday night, OG Bobby Trill triumphed over four of his peers -- Elroy Boogie, Dayta, Rockwell and Kyle Berg -- to win the Houston qualifyng round of the Red Bull Thre3Style DJ tournament, advancing to the regional finals in Dallas next month. He is also one of the hosts of Bombon, a night where Trill and a few other DJs mix all manner of tropical beats (cumbia, moombahton, 3ball, baile funk and lots more) into arguably Houston's hottest monthly dance party.

The 30-year-old Mexican-American is a native Houstonian born Rosbel Hinojosa ("doesn't sound as bad in Spanish") and raised by his "crazy, fun loving, anything-goes kind of mother who surrounded us with music, dancing, and good vibes!" Trill, or OGT, says he was surrounded by music growing up, from cumbias and Norteno to disco and hip-hop, and eventually began exploring funk, electro and house music.

From there, Trill says he went to a rave at a place called "The Wax" and began listening to Vinyl Frontier Tuesday nights on KTRU, visiting record stores like Chemistry to pick up what he was hearing. He got into scratching and turntablism in the early 2000s, and learned about indie music, jazz and music theory from living with Yppah of Ninja Tune records and DJ Fast4Ward.

We'll let Trill tell you a little more himself.

DJ OG Bobby Trill - United States - Qualifier by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud

"I also had a lot of friends from different parts of the city from different backgrounds that exposed me to a lot of new stuff," says Trill via email. "I also learned a lot of new music when I lived in Monterrey Mexico, [and] I'm actually extremely thankful that I've got to meet and work with some of the most talented musicians, OG DJs and music nerds in Houston: Ceeplus, Witness, Ish, Comp1, BBC, PHD, The Fly, Baby J, Joe B and Kosuri.

"I def learned a lot from watching and talking to those guys."

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Home Base: "After living in Monterrey and San Antonio, I'm back in Houston and have no plans of leaving my city," swells OGT. "I practice at home, but now that my best friends and music buddies Dayta and DJ Navo live across the street, I might start taking my stuff to their house little by little, lol.

"My poor wife has to give up a normal dining-room setup to let me have my toys, lol," he adds. "All of my music instruments and DJ things are in the dining area. I have a normal 9-5 just like everyone else, working for the oil and gas industry, but my passion is music."

Why Do You Stay in Houston? "I love this city!" exclaims Mr. Trill. "I've visited a lot of other places, but there is nowhere like Houston. We live in one of the most diverse cities in America. My group of friends look like a commercial for world peace or something.

"I mean, were else in the world can you have a Latin dance party and the crowd is completely mixed?" he adds. "Also, we have by far the best Mexican food in America!!! Actually I think we just have the best food in America, and I love to eat! Plus I like the weather, it rains a lot, but we get more days of bike riding that a lot of places, especially in the winter."

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