Negative Utopia Gets All Self-Determinist Up In Here

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Now, I'm pretty sure that what I just read is a smoke-screen for the oft-misinterpreted rantings of Ayn Rand, but I want to congratulate Negative Utopia. In the years I've been exploring band names it is very, very rare to find any kind of actual philosophy behind the names bands choose. Examples like The Doors are extremely rare. Usually it's more like Matchbox 20 getting their name of some guy's jacket patches.

So kudos to the Andrews and company for their purity of vision. And hey, what would rock and roll be without screaming against a giant (perceived) overlord of authority that can only be held back with cunning rhetoric? If I sound a little sarcastic it's because I have way too many Libertarian friends preoccupied with boring apocalypses that don't involve monkey uprisings. It can get a little old.

"1984 is so close to being realized that I believe George Orwell just got the year wrong," says Sam. "It shows what can, will, and is starting to happen when people are so eagerly willing to give up freedom for security. Everyone wants something for nothing, they want reward without effort and praise without a price, and those in control dole out just enough to string us along and then we become slaves to our providing masters."

Sigh... I spend more of my time than I'd like to admit arguing with people over the black helicopters coming for us sometime after the twelfth of Never. I'll admit that the message sounds a lot better when Sheila sings it.


Negative Utopia (n): 1. A new twang on an old tune. 2. The big old omnistate of fear. 3. Paul Johansson or D.B. Sweeney.

Negative Utopia plays with Hellatonin Friday at Vintage Pub, 13245 Jones Rd.

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Vintage Pub

13245 Jones Road, Houston, TX

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