KTSU DJ Arrested for Suspected Credit Card Fraud

michael-whitfield 0109.jpg
Michael Whitfield's mug shot, as posted on Fox 26's Isiah Carey's Site
According to a tweet from Fox 26 reporter Isiah Carey late this afternoon, KTSU radio volunteer Michael Whitfield was arrested earlier Wednesday and could face up to 300 counts of credit card fraud for stealing radio-station donors' pledge sheets and opening credit cards in their names.

Earlier this week, sources who wished to remain anonymous already told the Houston Press that a KTSU radio station volunteer disc jockey with six years' experience was being questioned about multiple cases of credit card fraud perpetrated through the station's fund drives.

Monday afternoon, TSU president Dr. John Rudley did not return the Press's call to his office seeking confirmation and details.

Just minutes prior to Carey's tweet, we received another communication from a former station employee, who said that he had spoken to persons on campus today who reported that law-enforcement agents had arrived on the campus and had seized KTSU financial records.

This source, long associated with the university and the station, speculated the latest scandal would at a minimum lead to the dismissal of station manager Donna Franklin. "It was on her watch and she wasn't watching," the source said.

Our earlier source had reported that the station was rife with rumors about an impending arrest during the past few weeks, but that nothing official had been told to the staff or to station volunteers.

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In January 2012, the Houston Press reported on troubles at the station, particularly a huge loss in audience share since Franklin took the reins.

Earlier this afternoon, KPFT general manager Duane Bradley explained that during his station's fund drives, all pledge receipts are usually bundled and locked in the financial director's office at the end of each shift. He did note that occasionally items from the late-night programs might not be locked away until the following morning, and he was looking into ways to eliminate any possibility of shenanigans related to credit cards or cash.

Bradley noted that KPFT had only experienced one instance of fraud in its history, "but our regular audit caught that single incident very quickly, and the volunteer was reported to police."

The Press has reached out to both the Houston Police Department and TSU police, and will update this story if we receive a response.

Houston Press staff writer Steve Jansen contributed to this report.


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MadMac topcommenter

Looks like Sheldon Nunn is gone. No news/updates so I wonder if he took one for the team.


it's about time for someone out there to make some changes at ktsu ... everyone should be fired except the dj's who've been keeping this station afloat through all of the bullshit that has transpired for the past decade ... george thomas and all of his staff should be ousted .... from top to bottom ... charles hudson, the piss poor sales staff larry johnson and deborah chambers, those two baffoons sheldon t. nunn and donna franklin, debbie adams and the whole worthless crew ... ktsu has become a begging joke and nobody who listens should should give another penny to this debacle ... there is no accountability ... money is contributed, volunteers do all the work and those on the payroll sit on their asses and dictate policy ... months ago, $6000 allegedly came up missing from the unlocked unsecured office of sales exec larry don johnson - that little loss was quickly swept under the rug ... this place is a den of thieves and there should be a public outcry for oversight, investigation and a thorough audit ... mike whitfield is the tip of the iceberg ... someone, please melt it and get to the bottom of the corruption ... FIRE THEM ALL!!!

MadMac topcommenter

Guess I'll be requesting my free annual credit report. Probably need to sign up for Lifelock, too.

Joshua Macala
Joshua Macala

Perhaps now I should cancel the credit cards in my eleven different cat names, Baron Von Rapberry and John Kennedy the Fourth.

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