Kris Kristofferson's Favorite Place on Earth Is in Texas, But Not Houston

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RO: I read that this is your first completely independent release.

KK: I don't even know anything about that. That part of the business has never been my concern. A couple of people in interviews have told me and I really don't even know what it's about. I leave that to Don to handle.

RO: So do you know if people will still be able to buy it at Walmart?

KK: I'd hate to think that they can't. I guess I've never been in charge of that part of the process.

RO: Are you releasing a single for radio?

KK: I don't even know if they do that anymore.

RO: They used to play your songs on the radio. What happened to radio since then?

KK: I don't know because I haven't really listened to the radio since I've been out on the road starting back in the early '70s. And I know a lot of people who've interviewed me have told me that they think the music nowadays is almost like pop used to be.

When I went to Nashville, I thought that pop music was just, you know, little pop tunes and that the real serious stuff was done by the soul people like Hank Williams.

RO: I asked Ray Price that same question recently and he recommended I listen to Willie's Roadhouse on Sirius satellite radio.

KK: Oh? Well, you know, Willie has always been a hero to serious songwriters. And Ray Price is a hero too because he appreciates songwriters so much.

RO: I just saw him recently. He was amazing.

KK: Yeah, he'll be here a long time.

RO: So you've played Houston many times. Do you have any great stories from Houston?

KK: You know something? Now that my memory's getting real bad, I'm brain-damaged from my football and boxing days, it's getting so I don't remember a whole lot. I always feel like Houston is the place I play that's closest to my favorite place on Earth. Brownsville, Texas.

Growing up in Brownsville was the best thing I remember of my life. In fact, where I live today reminds me a lot of Brownsville. It's a real small town and they've got stuff growing everywhere. And perhaps people today will be surprised that I liked it, but to me it was bare feet and dirt roads and good people.

That's one of the reasons I settled here (in Hawaii); it reminds me of Brownsville with the weather and the people.

Feeling Mortal is available today.

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