John Egan Gets His Mojo Working For IBC Challenge

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Early last year, Egan released the album Phantoms, one of the most harrowing local releases in recent memory on the strength of such songs as "You Don't Hold Me Anymore" and a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "State Trooper." His live performances can get pretty primal, with Egan working out a good deal of emotional distress on his poor battered Resonator. He says he's not especially worried about being too edgy for the IBC competition, though.

"I mean, what am I gonna do?" he says. "I'm just gonna feel out the room. I've always based what I play on my environment. I've played shows that are quieter."

Egan and Houston's other IBC entrants, youngsters Texas 99 (competing in the youth showcase, and featuring former Guitar Center "Battle of the Blues" finalist Rebecca Laird) and Brad Absher & Swamp Royale (IBC's band division), warm up for the contest tonight with a "sendoff party" sponsored by the Houston Blues Society at the Big Easy. He admits he's excited about the trip.

"I've never been to Memphis, for one," Egan says. "That alone gives me impetus to go. It's some place I've always wanted to go. We're going to leave a little early and try to make a trip of it -- go through New Orleans, go through the Delta, Clarksdale [Mississippi], maybe Helena [Arkansas]

"Just try to get all the mojo possible on the way up there."

The Houston Blues Society's IBC sendoff party starts at 9:30 tonight at The Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club, 5731 Kirby.

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Congratulations John and HBS is so proud of you!  See you in Memphis and best of luck! 

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