Last Night: Jeff Mangum at Wortham Center

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The notoriously press-shy Jeff Mangum (left, in an old Neutral Milk Hotel photo) does not approve photography at his shows. Imagine grayer hair and a beard.
Jeff Mangum, Tall Firs
Cullen Theater, Wortham Center
January 21, 2013

The level of nervous anticipation throughout Wortham Center beforehand ran high, while in the lobby countless hushed conversations between excited faces were underway. Jeff Mangum had finally come to Houston, and to say that the crowd was looking forward to the performance would be a massive understatement.

While I do enjoy the work of Mangum's seminal indie group Neutral Milk Hotel, I've never been the rabid super-fan that seemed to form the bulk of the attending audience. The fact is I just came late to the party, never having spent nights in my bedroom with Mangum's records piping through my headphones.

It didn't seem to matter much, however. The anxious eagerness that I felt seemed to be echoed around the room, from the local musicians who hold Mangum in high esteem to my friend who partied with the Elephant Six collective "on a compound outside of Athens (Georgia)" years ago.

One thing no one seemed prepared for was the opening act, Tall Firs. When the house lights dimmed and the two gentlemen walked onstage to a minimal setup, the crowd hushed. They politely plugged two guitars into a single Fender amplifier and proceeded to meander through a set of electric but hardly electrifying folk songs. Trading lead-vocal duties on each song, the duo's voices benevolently gave way to the clean guitar tones.

The first pair of songs seemed cinematic, one destined for a movie set in a Pacific Northwest forest, the second bound to reverberate through a Southwestern desert canyon. From there, however, little more held my interest. As my companion mentioned, "This is like when the wrong dude picks up the guitar at the party." The chorus from "Waiting On a Friend" echoed what seemed to be the growing sentiment in the room:

"Let's cash it out while we still can. Why drag it on until the bitter end?...Why should we waste our time waiting on all our friends?"

If the goal was to set the bar as low as possible before Mangum's set, Tall Firs did a splendid job.

nmhotel 0122.jpg
The cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
The excitement returned to the room as everyone filed back inside following intermission. Mangum walked onstage, tall and thin, sporting long gray locks and a sizable beard. For a moment it seemed as if he had just emerged from a cabin, as if someone politely asked him to play a show and he had kindly agreed. With a wave and a smile, he settled into the lone chair and launched into "Oh Comely."

When the song finished, the audience erupted with applause. Mangum gave a little nod of appreciation, saying, "Please sing with me," before beginning the familiar strum of "King of Carrot Flowers" to another roar of the crowd.

The communal aspect of the show continued over the course of his hour-long set, with the audience at times clapping and singing harmonies, and during breaks Mangum prodding them several times with, "You guys gonna sing with me or what?"

The theater helped expand this experience; in the same way a crowd watching a blockbuster movie shares moods, I felt a part of the collective conscious. A thousand pairs of eyes and ears absorbed songs from one of indie music's most revered writers, with the breadth of the theater spilling the mutual experience throughout the room in a way that couldn't occur in a smaller rock club.

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I'd be interested in hearing a more thorough review from a Jeff Mangum neophyte such as yourself.  I've seen him 15 times over the past 18 months, so this performance was old hat to me.  Of course, half of those shows were under an alias known only to three people: Jeff, myself and Jesus Christ.  He would deny it, but Jeff puts a little more heart into a show when JC attends.  A typical set would include unreleased pre-Avery Island material, sung entirely in reverse.

Caleb Fraid
Caleb Fraid

I'll tell you one thing: I hate boring ass TALL FIRS. it's a great show. That's the fourth time I've seen him in the past 2 years so I maybe need to stop. I was glad he did the Roky cover. He did it @ one of the other shows I saw. He was using Binaca this time & I think that made a big difference. Really. A couple of the other earlier shows his voice got a bit ragged so I think he's got it down now.Tons of water & Binaca imbetween songs. When you're pulling from two albums everybody loves, you can't go wrong. Maybe he'll give us a new album someday??? My fear is, he's been recording @ robert pollard speed over the years & it's not going to be discovered til he dies & then I'll already be dead myself & there'll be new mysterious henry darger type interest in him but what good does that do me? Tangent. Anyways, probably better to hear from somebody who saw it last night for the first time. "I'll hang up & listen"

Eric McPhail
Eric McPhail

The guy that yelled "KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD" between songs was the best.

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