Happy 69th Birthday, Klaus Nomi -- Who Was He Again?

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How do you know Klaus Nomi? Maybe you know him as one of David Bowie's cohorts back in the '70s. Maybe you know him for his kitschy covers of old pop standards. Maybe you know him for his bizarre costumes and facepaint. Or maybe you just know that he was one of the first celebrities to tragically pass away from AIDS.

Nomi died in August 1983 at only age 39, but were he still alive today would be his 69th birthday. Who knows where he would be, or what he would be wearing? Given his late-career aspirations, he most likely would be singing opera somewhere. Maybe he'd be performing a brief operatic piece based on Bowie's new album The Next Day.

Unfortunately, we'll never know what he would be up to now, but we can look back on what amazing things Nomi did accomplish in his life. Whatever you probably know about Nomi -- which isn't much, in the case of most people -- few realize what an artist the man was.

While he had a stunning sense of humor that filled up the two studio records recorded in his lifetime with campy New Wave-inflected pop songs like "Simple Man" and "Lightnin' Strikes," Nomi was a brilliant operatic singer with an amazing vocal range.

When approaching opera, he took it completely seriously. He was passionate about it to that extent. Some may be shocked to hear him performing in such a way if they're only familiar with his sillier work. To those who know though, they recognize him. Morrissey has cited him repeatedly as a favorite, for instance, and included his more serious works on compilations.

Nomi was also a visionary designer. His bizarre and eye-catching outfits were perhaps kitschy in their own way, yet they clearly inspired incoming fashionistas of the 1980s. David Bowie was blown away by Nomi's designs and took many of them for himself, making them much more famous than their creator. And without Nomi's strange suits, which seemed almost too large for his body, would there have been David Byrne's "big suits" in Talking Heads?

More than anything, though, Nomi did exactly what he wanted with his life and his art, with no aspirations other than creation and inspiration. He had an unparalleled zest for life and his work and believed in the future happening right now, in his own words.

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CMVC(music video thread)
CMVC(music video thread)

we always play his live performence from the Urgh! a music war movie. that is a great(and weird) performance of him on film. ck it out! def new wave at its peak...

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