Top 5 Reasons Not to Be a Concert Promoter

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1. Getting Kidnapped Over Nas
There's always a worst-case scenario. Sure, it sucks to piss people off by cutting off DJ Shadow or Danzig, or getting ripped off by Rick Ross or Flo Rida, but there's always something worse; like what happened to the guy who promoted a Nas show in Angola on New Year's Eve.

The people funding the concert gave Nas a $300,000 dollar advance prior to the show, which was probably their first mistake. When the big day rolled around and Nas didn't show up, they were furious. So instead of doing something sane, they tracked down the concert promoter, kidnapped him at gunpoint, took him to Angola, and demanded their money back. When he told them he had already sent the money to Nas, they demanded an extra $50,000 back as well.

This poor guy is still running around Angola because, even though they let him go, he's not legally permitted to leave the country. Now you'd think Nas would step into clear the whole thing out, and to his credit he has made an offer. He's willing to pay the $300,000 back, but not the additional $50,000 that the creditors want.

So the concert promoter, Patrick Allocco, is still trapped in Angola with two powerful forces essentially fighting over the future of his life. All because he wanted to put on a good show for Nas fans in Angola.

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Or you can do like Houston's JETSPEED - advertise Nazareth, while Nazareth are actually out touring Russia at the same time while you actually got some guy that was in Nazareth from say '78 until '92 and is not an original member but tours as Nazareth while in litigation with original band.

Then pull a stunt at the box office like you're running out of tickets, hide the fact up until last minute that he's not making the show, then stick the crowd with a third rate cover band instead.


So what's the lesson here kids? Live rap SUX and rappers are rotten people.


I went to the Danzig show at Fun Fun Fun Fest. I can assure you that nobody in the crowd was pissed at the promoters. That pudgy little bastard wasted everybody's time playing his Danzig shit when everybody really wanted the Misfits. My buddy and I actually walked away before his little set was even over, and almost saved our night by catching the end of the Public Enemy show. I'm still pissed that we decided to skip that one for Danzig.

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