Top 5 Reasons Not to Be a Concert Promoter

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Photo by Marco Torres
3. Flo Rida's No-Shows and Cancellations
Lots of artists no-show concerts or cancel them at the last minute. We've seen it here in Houston countless times and it's always massively disappointing to us as fans. But oftentimes, the ones who suffer the most are the promoters, who have to make back all the cash they lost on the preparations of the artists.

Flo Rida is apparently notorious for no-showing and canceling dates and it caught up with him last year when he was sued by two different concert promoters in two different countries to recoup their losses from his behavior. The best part? They served him with the summons through Facebook, which is now legal in a few different countries. At least that's a bit easier on the promoters these days.

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Photo by Marco Torres
2. Rick Ross Performs for 15 Minutes
Rick Ross calls himself a boss for a reason. He does what he wants when he wants. So maybe we shouldn't be surprised that last November he showed up at Bojangles Coliseum in North Carolina, took his $90,000 cut, performed for 15 minutes, and then got the hell out of Dodge.

Now the ripped-off promoters are suing him for underperforming, given the exorbitant amount of money they paid him just to show up, and for leaving a "lasting negative impression of the quality of events promoted by SMGU" in the eyes of the fans.

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Or you can do like Houston's JETSPEED - advertise Nazareth, while Nazareth are actually out touring Russia at the same time while you actually got some guy that was in Nazareth from say '78 until '92 and is not an original member but tours as Nazareth while in litigation with original band.

Then pull a stunt at the box office like you're running out of tickets, hide the fact up until last minute that he's not making the show, then stick the crowd with a third rate cover band instead.


So what's the lesson here kids? Live rap SUX and rappers are rotten people.


I went to the Danzig show at Fun Fun Fun Fest. I can assure you that nobody in the crowd was pissed at the promoters. That pudgy little bastard wasted everybody's time playing his Danzig shit when everybody really wanted the Misfits. My buddy and I actually walked away before his little set was even over, and almost saved our night by catching the end of the Public Enemy show. I'm still pissed that we decided to skip that one for Danzig.

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