5 Bands Studies Show Make You a Bad Person

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1. Peter Gabriel
"What? Really? Peter Gabriel is worse for kids than Ozzy Osbourne?!" I'm here to tell you that the answer is a resounding yes. Aside from all that other stuff, I grew up on Peter Gabriel too. It's strange to find a kid that does, but beware if you do! The things listening to Gabriel's music from a young age cost me, I can barely express.

Peter Gabriel's music made me want to start revolutions against apartheid ("Biko"), respect Native Americans ("San Jacinto"), give up my God and worship money ("Big Time"), have sex ("Sledgehammer" and "Steam")! Worst of all, is after listening to his music, I felt like I got somehow smarter and started thinking about things with a critical ear.

It was thinking man's music and it made me do crazy things like start writing and questioning things in the world! Truly no worse fate could befall someone, especially from an early age. If only I had just simply waited until later and discovered One Direction instead, imagine how different things could be today.

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Noelle A. Perry
Noelle A. Perry

i agree with #1. i used to hear "sledgehammer" on 106.9 EVERY GODDAMN TIME i took a shower and turned on the shower radio. the horrible, cheesy innuendo slowly drove me insane.

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