5 Bands Who Pioneered Modern Indie-Rock... Besides the Smiths

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Joy Division Unknown Pleasures.jpeg
2. Joy Division
Joy Division's dark post-punk shaped the future for bands like the Killers and Interpol, with pulsing basslines and similarly haunting, echoing vocals that the Smiths would employ themselves a few years later.

Sonic Youth Daydream Nation.jpg
1. Sonic Youth
Perhaps the single greatest influence on modern indie-rock, Sonic Youth's album Daydream Nation is held by many indie-rock devotees (read: hipsters) to be the greatest album ever released. Your mileage may vary on that, but one can't argue that the album, and Sonic Youth's output as a whole, has had a massive impact on all the independent music that has followed it in the quarter-century since its release.

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there is only one correct answer: The Fall


Not for nothing, but Sonic Youth blows.

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