Why You Shouldn't Apply For That New EDM Reality Show

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Do a search for "EDM Casting" on Twitter and you'll see dozens of similar tweets from DJs and fans of the genre. Some are even going full Chicken Little on the subject, wondering aloud if this will be the death of EDM.

Now, I can already hear the question forming in your mouth hole: "Doesn't Kelly Clarkson disprove your theory? She was on a reality show and people love her!"

Let me take you back to 2002. American Idol debuted on June 11 of that year. The iPod and iTunes were less than two years old and the iPhone was still years away. YouTube, Soundcloud, and Beatport didn't exist yet. When Kelly Clarkson won Idol the way we consumed media was completely different.

In truth, it's easier than ever to have your music discovered. You live in a world where a Soundcloud set can turn in to club dates and a viral video can turn in to a record deal. In 2002 talent could go unnoticed; in 2013 you almost have to be actively avoiding attention to not be discovered by someone.

Plus, in 11 seasons of American Idol how many contestants can you name who have had successful careers? Compare that to the number of other people from the show who literally had their face on free TV and had careers that amounted to nothing. If you don't win whatever this EDM competition ends up being called do you really want to be known as the fifth runner-up from that show that the people hated?

Only you can answer the question of whether or not you should apply for the show, but then that's not the question you should be asking. The question really is: Is EDM my passion or just something I want to do to be cool?

If the answer is the latter then please fill out the application. There are a lot of people out there hoping you get picked so they know to never pay attention to you.



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