Dr. Richard Patt, Healer and Mainstay of Houston Blues Scene, Passes Away at 58

Rick poster 0121.jpg
The poster for Patt's "Enjoy Every Sandwich" fundraiser last August.
Patt was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in March of last year. He went about his business as best he could, and kept an impressive schedule with Fool's Paradise. In August, he hosted a fundraiser at the Continental Club -- he was careful not to call it a benefit -- so he could be part of the festivities, saying "I think it's sad sometimes when the people [affected] can't be present and participate.

"For I'm sure a huge variety of reasons, when something like this comes down, people just kind of lick their wounds and hunker in and you just don't hear or see much of them," he added.

But he was determined to not go down that way.

"Looking back, I've had a very interesting life," Patt continued. "I'm choosing to regard this as part and parcel of what is a full life, kind of like a field trip. My question is, 'What can I learn from this?'"

Patt is survived by his wife Pauline, two brothers and his father. Singer said there are no immediate plans for a memorial service, but she had no doubt the HBS would find an appropriate way to remember Dr. Rick.

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As a friend and a fan, I will miss Rick's dedication to the blue. My heartfelt condolences to Pauline and  the rest of Rick's family. I personally have doubled down on my commitment to ENJOY EVERY SANDWICH! Zeit gezunt Rick and keep playing the blues in Gan Eden! 

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