Steve Said Bringing a Bit of Dosey Doe to D.C. Inaugural Ball

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RO: Do you have time to tell us how it's all going to be?

SS: I may be sounding like I'm bragging on myself, but I'm just really excited about how this is all going to flow. You know that Dosey Doe has become known as a real songwriter's haven. We've brought in the people that are responsible for making the music happen. You always know about the person that sings the song, but you almost never know about the songwriters. So it's been very important to us that we do that.

So on Friday night, which is the sponsor's dinner, Larry Gatlin is the MC and he's going to have songwriters onstage on stools entertaining all of the people that made this event happen. All the corporations and individuals that put up the money to make this work. We're gonna have Radney Foster, Kyle Hutton, Mark Chestnutt and possibly Charley Pride are gonna hop up on that stage and do an acoustic song or two for that audience.

Some of these guys that are performers are also songwriters. And there are songwriters that have written an incredible amount of hits and they're gonna be up on that stage. Radney Foster, for example, or John Arthur Martinez or Susan Gibson who wrote "Wide Open Spaces" for the Dixie Chicks. So those artists are gonna be there to show off where that Texas music comes from.

And of course Larry Gatlin is one of those gregarious, lively, funny guys.

RO: He's hilarious. What about Saturday night?

SS: There's gonna be five stages so you're going to have an intimate feel. You're gonna have an up close and personal with Charley Pride and his band on one stage. And then when artists are done with their set, they're going to migrate over to the Dosey Doe Room.

We do a production called "Real Life, Real Music Radio," and that is an interview between producer/songwriter Kyle Hutton and the artists. He's gonna do that format with Charley Pride and Jack Ingram or Mark Chestnut and Ruthie Foster or whoever. So they'll ask each other questions and tell stories on each other and play acoustic tunes and the audience is going to get to see the artists in a fashion that they don't normally get to see them.

RO: It sounds as thoughtful and imaginative as the Dosey Doe venues here in Houston.

SS: Thank you! That's exactly what I was hoping people would take away from this. These artists are as excited about it as I am. I can't wait.

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