DJ Sun's Guided Tour of One Hundred, Part 2


I just wanted to actually have "fun" with this one... no, really! I may be sounding corny by now. Omari Soulfinger did a video showcasing Houston and some of the spots I played at during the time. And yes!: a fun and crazy video. Search it on YouTube.


The Rocks Off 100: DJ Sun, Builder of Soular Grooves


Picture a 1970s all-Japanese jazz band playing music in a very traditionally "American" way, dressed to a T in "American culture"... That's all I'm going to say about this one. And that I play some of the keys on here, mostly the chords and the respones on the "call and response" [section]. Having grown up in Suriname, surrounded by a lot of African-influenced music, I'm very affected by the "call and response."


I wanted to just create pulsating, crescendo-building, hyper track, layered at each turn [with] driving percussion, pulsating (did I say "pulsating" earlier?!) bass line. And then to add a little something something: some weird keys from the Korg and to top it off, some samples from a French instructional record... Voila!

"Heart Seed" feat. Leah Alvarez and Martin Perna

Martin Perna, founder of Antibalas and Ocote Soul Sounds, recently moved to Houston (his wife took a position at Rice U). We had been friends before, but since he relocated we have become fast friends. I asked him to do a flute solo on "Heart Seed" for the bonus track. He nailed it!

DJ Sun's One Hundred release party is 8 p.m. Saturday, January 19, at CHA Champagne & WIne Bar (810 Waugh). Guest performers include DJ Melodic, Derek Jones, Marin Perna, Tim Ruiz and Leah Alvarez, plus a video collage culled from "One Hundred Days" by Trevor Southard and Urban Circus.

Location Info

CHA Champagne & Wine Bar - CLOSED

810 Waugh, Houston, TX

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