DJ Sun's Guided Tour of One Hundred, Part 1

"Heart Seed"

This started as a track that I wanted to pair with The Are (Russel Gonzalez, local platinum producer for LL Cool J, Keyshia Cole, and great friend!) to do a 45 with him doing a version in his own interpretation on one side and me doing the other. It was a last-minute track I submitted to Tim Ruiz, who in addition to playing additional instruments also did the mixing for most of the newer songs.

I gave Tim an instrumental and he asked for my blessing to do some additional work and add Leah Alvarez' vocals. In order to strengthen the drums I went to eBay to find an Elektron Machinedrum -- the only track that has the Elektron on it. Leah nailed the vocals; Tim was magical on the additional arrangements and additional instruments.

The Are ended up doing a boom-bap-styled remix which found a release as a remix to the single. We are planing to do a Spanish AND Portuguese version...


This was an earlier production that I really liked and wanted to include. Whereas most of the songs were done on the MPC-1000, this one was done in earlier days when I worked with the MPC-2000. I'm doing key stabs and found a "broken" key on the very end of the 1971 Wurlitzer piano I used that with effects creates a contrasting menacing sound to the dreamscape.


Another earlier track which is the longest on the album. I like layering -- building layers as songs develop so that some sounds you don't hear until the very end of the song when it all comes together. Mark Sound (aka Mark Speer) and Jessica Zweback were in the studio with me. I did the chords -- the kind of menacing, droning keyboard hits, and organ washes in the background.

The bridge is beautiful work done by Jessica Zweback from Skyblue '72. She just got on the Korg and doodled, which I recorded in the MPC and sequenced as I saw fit. Mark recommended that instead of using a regular piano on some of the chords, to use a Sitar patch from the Korg. Brilliant suggestion.

At every turn you hear more buildup of layers. This seems to be my most downloaded track up to this point - one of the most popular ones.

"Magical Interlude"

This was originally about a three- to four-minute song, but I felt like it repeated itself too much. Another nod to some Bollywood action. The song again builds to after the minute mark and then kicks into gear with some boom-bap, at which point we fade out...

Come back Thursday for Side 2. Actually, make that Sides 3 and 4.

8 p.m. Saturday, January 19, at CHA Champagne & Wine Bar, 810 Waugh.

Location Info

CHA Champagne & Wine Bar - CLOSED

810 Waugh, Houston, TX

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