Dave Grohl Doc Sound City Screens at River Oaks January 31

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For one night only, Dave Grohl's Sound City flick will screen at the Landmark River Oaks on January 31. Tickets should be available for pre-sale on the Landmark site very soon.

Rewind: Dave Grohl Releases Trailer for Nerd-Boner Doc Sound City

Rocks Off has been tracking the film since it was announced months back, and told you all about the Paul McCartney and Nirvana collaboration that played the 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit show.

The Sound City Players, a supergroup made up of Grohl, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, John Fogerty and members of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cheap Trick, Fear, and Rage Against the Machine are set to perform together coming up soon at the Sundance Film Festival and a one-off show in Los Angeles.

Rewind: The Name of That Paul McCartney/Nirvana Song Is "Cut Me Some Slack"

No word yet on this amazing casserole of musicians touring the country or coming to SXSW, but Grohl is SXSW Music's keynote speaker this year, so let's just assume you'll see some grainy photos here on Rocks Off in the next two months.

After Sound City runs for one day in theaters, it will be available on cable, satellite, online, hotel and airline on-demand operators the following day.

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Eddie Travis
Eddie Travis

i have no idea if anybody else local did to be honest...we got signed out of houston around y2k, and somebody at our management or label worked out which studios out in LA that we'd record in....so our being there was pretty accidental. being from houston, truthfully i had no clue about the studio's long history until we got there and i started filling in the blanks just from looking at all the gold & platinum awards on the walls. i was aware nirvana had done nevermind there, and was a fan of the drum sound so that was fine by me...and we were doing guitar tracks at grand master where the foos did color and the shape so we were pretty happy with that as well. but the stories we heard while spending a couple weeks at sound city were just astonishing. spent a lot of time sitting on the same infamous couch that cobain recorded "something in the way" on. also, there was a bizarre looking 70's style cityscape mural on one wall of the live room walls, and if you look closely in the film boogie nights where mark wahlberg's character is attempting to record a song, you can clearly see that cityscape in the background so that must've been filmed at sound city. there were also huge closets in the back with just virtual libraries of master tape reels to innumerable albums i'd heard of, some even being albums i'd owned as a little kid....and here's the actual master tapes staring at me. crazy. probably the best story i have from the sessions though, is at one point the pop singer joan osbourne - the "what if god was one of us" girl - came in to the smaller studio B to do some mixing i think, so we were running into each other between takes in the common hallway from time to time since we were camped out in the A room next door. at one point, we took a break and my singer walked outside to go smoke a cigarette....i went looking for him, and walked outside to find him playing ted nugent's "cat scratch fever" on acoustic guitar, while joan osbourne wailed away at the top of her lungs singing the lyrics janis joplin style. total surreal WTF?!? moment lol. if only i'd had a video camera handy..

Eddie Travis
Eddie Travis

i recorded the chlorine album there some years ago. such an awesome room it was.

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