Fresh Cream and the Top 10 Power Trios of All Time

10. King's X
Call us homers if you must: King's X fucking rules. Houston's second most famous hard-rockin' trio never fit too neatly into one genre box or another - were they metal? Alternative? Fans didn't care. The music was too progressive, interesting and soulful to ignore, particularly on the band's masterpiece, 1989's Gretchen Goes to Nebraska.

9. Green Day
Easily the snottiest three amigos on this list, Green Day hardly fits the mold of the traditional power trio - have these guys even heard of the blues? What they lack in convention, however, they more than make up for with outsized energy and poppy crunch (and eyeliner - lots and lots of it).

Still unpalatable to music snobs more than 23 years after the band's earliest indie releases, Green Day continues to wipe boogers on the notion that mainstream punk is an oxymoron.

8. Primus
Primus' heavy, funky and downright weird sound kind of represents every bassist's wet dream: a nut-rattling power trio led from the low end. Bandleader Les Claypool's slap-happy bass lines barely leave room for one guitar, let alone two. Thanks to the group's overwhelming talent, they're able to make it work somehow - a fact reconfirmed in front of a big crowd at last year's Free Press Summer Fest.

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James Gang ?

Grand Funk Railroad ?

The Groundhogs ?

You gotta be kidding me ...


My vote goes to sir lord baltimore. So very loud. Budgie was rad too.


What about The Police, The Jam, Ben Folds Five, Violent Femmes, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr.?


@DuckDuckGoose I think Grand Funk would make a good #11. I'm absolutely not kidding that I had never heard of the Groundhogs before. I'm listening to them on YouTube now, though, and diggin' it. 


@NathanSmith   I'd have them in this order:

Groundhogs  (as you say, little-known, but I like 'em)

James Gang (young Joe Walsh. What's not to like?)

and a distance behind those two

Grand Funk

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