Bonus Rocks Off 100: Clint Broussard, Blues In Hi-Fi Man Now Back On FM

Clint Spotlight45 0107.JPG
The "spotlight 45" made by Broussard's biggest fan
Good War Story: "I will say, I've had Billy Gibbons on the show," Broussard says, an excellent way to open a lengthy and touching tale. "He came up and spun records with me. We talked about Houston, his upbringing, and some of his favorite tracks."

I've interviewed Jimmie Vaughan. He was a total gentleman, and could not have been more willing to be part of the show. However, my favorite moment from my program, sadly, came when it was announced that KTRU was sold.

I was invited to do a "spin" at Cactus even before the announcement came. [Cactus GM] Quinn Bishop and all the great staff at Cactus suggested that I turn it into a "rally," which was a great idea. I tried to make the day about the station, and not about the show.

There had been another rally on campus that day, and after it finished, they all came to Cactus. I met so many people that were really endearing to my show and to the station. It was really something.

The best part was when I was approached by a family of four. The parents were pretty young and had an infant and a little girl who had to be about three or four. The parents came up and said such kind things about listening to my show for a long time and really enjoying it.

I shook their hands and couldn't have been more honored; when their daughter (the toddler) reached up and said, "Mr. Clint! We listen to your show every Wednesday and make dinner and dance!" Just then, she handed me a paper plate that she had colored, and cut out to make a "Spotlight 45."

To those who don't know, I did a feature on my show for it's entire run, where I dropped a needle on a "spotlight 45" every week at the halfway mark of the show. I would talk about the label, the producer, the musicians, where it was recorded, etc.

Anyhow, this little girl's name was Lucy. I was humbled and completely touched that not only a family such as hers had been listening to my program, but that she, herself, made something to show her appreciation. I had spent all those years giving out "Spotlight 45s," and Lucy was the first and only person to give one back. I'll never forget her.

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Why Do You Stay In Houston? "I stay here because of the history and people," Broussard explains. "Musically, the history in Houston, Texas FAR overshadows that of Austin or anywhere else in this state. We had one of the most important blues/R&B/soul labels in the country based out of Houston for at least two decades (Duke/Peacock).

"Meanwhile, if you find your niche here, nothing else could be more comforting," he adds. "Everything you could possibly want is here in this city. You just have to find it. There is no defining characteristic of Houston because so much is here; but there is something for everyone here."

Music Scene Pet Peeve: Broussard interpreted this question as "What makes me think about leaving?" "Only the lack of preservation and knowledge regarding the music scene here," he says. "There are so many great bands here that vary in style; but we as a city have made it difficult for those bands, or their fans, to truly know and understand what came before them in this great city.

"Preservation has had a difficult struggle in Houston," he continues. "We are a prosperous and fortunate city; but sometimes we think so forward, that the past disappears. That's my only regret about Houston. However, I'm not ever leaving. I'm here to fight the good fight."

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Outstanding story on a guy who deserves much more attention than he receives.  Clint's innovative show on KTRU was a rare example of genuinely great radio, and it was one of my favorite things about living in Houston.  Kudos to KPFT for picking it'll be happy you did.

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