Black Dahlia: 5 Songs for a Famous Murder Victim

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The Cult, "Illuminated"
Of course, in and among the sensible theories about Elizabeth Short are plenty of wacky ones as well. Orson Welles and Woody Guthrie's names are passed around as possible suspects by people with broken bullshit detectors, but if you really want to get into some deep, dark paranoid fantasy, you should visit this article talking about the Saturn Death Cult.

It's all the brainchild of Troy D. McLachlan, who believes that many of the most famous murders and atrocities throughout the world are all connected by some sort of occult influence by the planet Saturn. Oh, and the Illuminati, too, because why the fuck not? As far as psychotic brain farts from a mammalian brain trained in pattern recognition go, it ain't too bad, and I'm willing to bet that The Cult thought so as well.

There are a lot of lyrics in "Illuminated" that seem to tie in both with McLachlan's theories and Short's murder. Between the mentions of murder, young hearts and a vague image of unseen malice permeating the city, you wonder if the band that started out as Southern Death Cult hadn't been reading a bit of alternative history when they were recording 2007's Born Into This.

Beck, "Cut ½ Blues"
This was suggested by a friend who has no sense of taste in regards to the fact that Short was bisected. One theory is that Short was actually murdered by a woman who didn't have the strength to carry her in one piece. I prefer the more mainstream theory of "crazy people with sharp objects use them for bad purposes."

Neko Case, "In California"
Well, after indulging in black humor let's go out with some class. And Neko Case is nothing but class. "In California" laments the blood-sucking nature of the glamour and glitz, sadly saying the Black Dahlia smiles and smiles in the town that bled her dry. It's an unfortunate fate for anyone, and Ms. Case makes it into a requiem.

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