VIDEO: Beyoncé Wows Super Bowl Press Conference Crowd By Singing Anthem Live

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The soundtrack in the hall prior to the presser had a heavy spy-movie feel, which could
possibly telegraph what Beyonce has in store for her worldwide audience on Sunday night. It will take seven minutes to put her set together on Sunday, and she will have the next 12 to perform.

"I can say that every little second will matter," Beyonce said. "Trying to condense my
career into 12 minutes wasn't easy."

She teased that after the show Sunday she may be announcing future touring plans. Hmmmm....

The Houston-bred performer was originally slated to have her former Destiny's Child sisters on
board for the halftime show, but plans changed this week. At the press conference, she
was coy about any possible guests for the big show.

The best question at Thursday's event came from a Denmark reporter who asked about her toothbrush's color.

Beyonce said she looks forward to everything slowing down again after the Super Bowl,
and spending time with daughter Blue Ivy. This may mean that Miss Ivy will be embarking on her first world tour in a few months.

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Joshua Justice
Joshua Justice

This cost her PR firm a cool couple of million to get this stunt disseminated . Gotta protect that investment.

Autumn Smith
Autumn Smith

*rolls eyes* everyone already knew she could sing, which is why we were baffled that she chose to fake it during the inaugaration.

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