Re-creating the "Lost" Beatles Songs on YouTube

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Jason Musser, "Left Is Right (And Right Is Wrong)"
Musser is... an interesting man. He's a comic artist and a creator of bizarre songs. He's no John Lennon, but he does manage to make something very strange out of "Left Is Right (And Right is Wrong)." Gun to my head, it's rap for people who think rap will make the voices in their head stop.

Pretty Things, "Peace of Mind":
This demo of "Peace of Mind" by Pretty Things is heralded as "Pink Litmus Paper Shirt" in dozens of YouTube videos. To its credit, it does sort of sound like the Beatles...if you're a person who has never heard the Beatles before. You can also find this tune being heralded as a bootleg called "Candle Burns."

Jay-Z feat. Chris Martin, "Beach Chair"
Believe it or not, out of all the titles in the hoax Beatle work, "Deck Chair" was the hardest to find. Rather than show you some live footage by a garage band, I took a little creative license and decided to go with Jay-Z and Chris Martin's "Beach Chair." It's a fantastic track that I think Paul McCartney would approve us sharing a name with his supposed lost vaudeville number.

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