Re-creating the "Lost" Beatles Songs on YouTube

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The Beatles is my favorite band. Not because of their albums, but because they are the greatest urban-legend generators in rock and roll. All around them, stories sprang up that sounded possible but were anything but. I even made a quiz out of it if you'd like to test your credibility-meter.

My absolute favorite of these legends is that there are still four unreleased Beatles songs out there that no one has ever heard of. If it were true, it would be the Holy Grail of rock music. You could retire on a copy of that. Sadly, it's still just bullshit.

This "missing EP" supposedly contains four songs, "Colliding Circles," "Left is Right (And Right is Wrong)," "Pink Litmus Paper Shirt" and "Deck Chairs." The reality of the situation is that a writer named Martin Lewis who was working on a list of Beatles songs simply made them up as a way to add something new to the piece he was working on. He's readily admitted to it over the years, but the legend endures.

Today, we re-create this "lost" work by the greatest rock band ever thanks to the wonders of YouTube.

R. Stevie Moore, "Colliding Circles":
Moore is one of those artists that if you know who he is, you're a much cooler person than the one sitting next to you who doesn't. His 1985 tune doesn't really sound like the work of either Lennon or Harrison, both of whom have been credited with the creation of "Colliding Circles," but he does manage to entertain above and beyond that of a mortal man.

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