Almost Famous: 5 Millennial Bands Who Should Have Been More Successful

2. The Ataris
Kris Roe was always a hell of a pop-punk songwriter. With classics like "San Dimas High School Football Rules" to his name, the Ataris always seemed destined for bigger things than being on Fat Wreck. They seemed well on their way to being the next blink-182 when they made the choice to go darker and more indie on Welcome the Night. It was good for their art but bad for their record sales.

What Happened Next: Even though he hasn't released a full-length since 2007, Kris Roe continues to tour. Wikipedia claims there are 15 ex-members of the group, including the drummer Roe attacked at a show last October.

1. Lostprophets
Sometimes success doesn't travel across the ocean. Popular in the UK, the group never quite stuck with American audiences even though they had plenty of singles that got radio play. While Start Something eventually went gold, most of the people that bought it would be shocked to learn they put out three albums after it. Like Our Lady Peace before them, sometimes all you get is that one album.

What Happened Next: The band is currently on hiatus while lead singer Ian Watkins sits in jail. He was arrested in December on charges of conspiring to rape a child and possession of child pornography, to the shock of fans and the rest of the guys in the band. Watkins denies the charges and is waiting for his day in court.

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Man, that wasn't even Joydrop's big track.  "Beautiful" got so much radio play in Atlanta that I likely hummed it in my sleep.


@thraeryn It's weird because "Beautiful" was the first song I heard from them but I don't remember them playing it a lot in Austin, which is where I was listening to most of my radio at the time. I still have the "Songs from Metasexual" sampler cassette somewhere.


@CoryGarcia @thraeryn ~ Both Joydrop's "Sometimes Wanna Die" and "Beautiful" are still on regular rotation with me! In the Houston area I rarely heard "Sometimes Wanna Die," but always liked it better. 

Side Note: I'm also still crazy in love with The Ataris' cover of "Boys Of Summer!"

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