Top 5 Albums Lost to Us Because of Thieving Dicks

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2. Skrillex's Fourth EP
The Heist: After Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Skrillex was suddenly a household name, riding dubstep's wave of popularity. He was getting ready to make some more magic when two of his laptops were boosted out of his hotel in Milan, Italy. In April of 2011 he posted...

Just gonna set it strait. I had 2 laptops and both of my hard drives stolen out of my hotel in Milan Italy last month. On those laptops and drives were all the project files of Skrillex. All gone now. Also I had a new album that is now gone too. I spent a week pulling my hair out but now im just focussing on the future and re making my album.

He did eventually recover the laptops, but the hard drives had been reformatted for sale and everything was lost. A few of the works have turned up on YouTube, such as remix of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" he was working on.

How Bad Was It?: Skrillex released his most successful commercial EP Bangarang, less than eight months after the theft so it obviously didn't set him back too far. Sonny tends to take most things pretty much in stride, and the loss of an album doesn't seem to faze him much.

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1. Green Day's Cigarettes and Valentines
The Heist: Warning sounds exactly like what it is, acceptable cuts considering the dullness of the knives. By 2000, Green Day had essentially become their own songs, burned-out and tired after having been on top of the pop-punk world for several years. Nonetheless, they soldiered into the studio in 2003 to record Cigarettes and Valentines. It was supposed to be a throwback to the Kerplunk days, but the point is moot as the masters were stolen and have never been recovered.

Faced with the daunting task of recreating the entire album, the band looked at themselves and agreed that the work they had done was honestly not their best. Possibly because they were secretly recording their real masterpiece with Devo at the same time. In the end, the band decided to start again from scratch, and thank God they did.

How Bad Was It? Not at all. If no one had lifted the masters to Cigarettes and Valentines we might never have heard American Idiot. Though the mainstream empire it spawned has become somewhat overblown and obnoxious, the album itself remains a punk opera piece of brilliance that perfectly harnessed all the angst of Bush's America.

It's heaps better than listening to green Day try to reclaim their early punk roots at a time when they obviously didn't have the momentum or energy to do it right. The stolen masters have never been found, and not a soul cares. So... point, thieving dicks?

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