5 Stories We Should Be Talking About Instead of Kimye's Unborn Child

3. M.I.A.'s Record Label Thinks She Needs to Stop Being So Damn Positive
This dance usually goes the opposite direction: Artist turns in an album of dark songs, only to be told he or she needs to lighten up so the label can have something to sell. This time M.I.A.'s label is upset because they spent a lot of money to make M.I.A. look like a badass and there's nothing badass about positivity, apparently.

Whether or not this is the type of event that leads to a #FreeMIA hashtag remains to be seen, which might say more about what the fans want than any marketing plan. Look forward to this being the lead of every album review when Matangi finally drops.

2. Lady Gaga Adding Group Therapy Component To Upcoming Tour
There's a lot of talk about mental health awareness in the media right now, for obvious reasons. Lady Gaga is looking to help her fans deal with their own depression and mental health issues by way of the BornBrave Bus, a pre-show tailgate that will have professionals available to discuss these issues.

On one hand it's refreshing to see a pop star taking an active interest in the wellbeing of their fans. On the other hand it'll be interesting to see just how seriously her organization is taking this endeavor. Still, we'd never root against an artist looking to destigmatize getting help.

1. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Have a Billboard Top 10 Hit
Macklemore writes the worlds, Ryan Lewis produces the music, and together they've crafted a Top 10 single without a label. Now, this isn't the story of a band that's trying to look credible by signing to an indie label that's owned by a major; the only hook-up these guys have is with the Alternative Distribution Alliance.

Plenty of great songs get released and never make it up the chart, and it's even harder when you don't have the major-label machine behind you. Whether you like "Thrift Shop" or think it's silly nonsense, it's good to know that with the right track and video an independent act can share the airwaves with the Maroon 5s and Taylor Swifts of the world.

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