5 Stories We Should Be Talking About Instead of Kimye's Unborn Child

Photo by Jim Bricker
Future generations may eventually read the words "watercooler moment" and have no idea what the phrase means. Why wait to talk to your coworkers when you'll already be friends with them on a social network and can share your comments on news as it happens? If you have Twitter you see this future at least two or three times a week.

But perhaps Twitter's finest moment took place late last month, when Kanye West got onstage to let his fans and the world know he was going to be a father. For a few hours, every person with a Twitter account had something to say about it. If there was a thought to be had about the situation, it was sent out within 140 characters that night.

But that wouldn't be the end of it. How could it be? Kanye and Kim are two of the most polarizing figures in America and our culture is obsessed with celebrity. Across the country, the Access Hollywoods and Entertainment Tonights of the world rejoiced, knowing they'd have months of guaranteed stories ahead of them.

How utterly boring.

As stated, everything that can be said about this situation already has been thanks to Twitter. The photoshops of leather diapers, the gimmick accounts for the unborn child, the jokes that were more obvious than funny, and the rage that was more misplaced than justified covered the full range of human emotion toward a child who has little, if anything, to do with any of us.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other things going on in the world of music that are much more interesting that everyone seems content to ignore. We'll have plenty of time to talk about baby names and high-fashion maternity wear. For now let's take a moment to see what's going on in front of us.

5. The Bank of England May Be Printing Beatles Money
The Brits are getting a new £10 note to replace the current one that features Charles Darwin; insert your own "evolving money" joke here. There are 150 names eligible, including three from the world of music: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams.

Now, let's be serious: The Stones and Williams have no chance. The Beatles probably don't either, but if they were selected it's hard to imagine people being too upset. I think we're all aware that the Fab Four are insanely popular even now, but that they could -- however unlikely -- realistically end up on actual currency is still mind-blowing.

4. Zedd Goes Analog On Letterman
Zedd, along with Foxes, Alvin Risk, a string section, and an honest-to-god piano, may have done the impossible in his network TV debut: Prove that EDM isn't just synths and drops.

While he may not be the first DJ to make it to late-night TV -- Moby and DJ Shadow come to mind -- it is interesting that he took this opportunity to show his skills as a musician. DJs will never fully silence the "they're just pushing buttons" crowd but performances like this do their part to legitimize the genre to the nonbelievers.

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