5 Kanye Songs No Kid Should Hear, Least of All Kanye's

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1. "Runaway"
Despite "Runaway" being one of Kanye's best songs, his baby probably doesn't need to hear this self-effacing anthem dedicated to douchebags around the world (like Kanye). Not only is it embarrassing because Kanye admits to being a douchebag and an asshole, but no kid wants to hear that his or her dad is so inept with women that he can't understand why they would be offended by him sending pictures of his dick to other women.

Throw "Blame Game" in there with this one too, because no child needs to hear Chris Rock's skit at the end. In fact, no one really needed to hear that in general.

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I'm sorry, that was mean. It's well written. Stupid topic.


I like HouPress typically, but this article is weak from the concept to execution. Why write this?

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