5 Kanye Songs No Kid Should Hear, Least of All Kanye's

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3. "E.T."
This one was a Katy Perry joint, and I guess because Kanye knew it was going to be a hit anyway thanks to the names involved, he completely phoned in his verses. I'm pretty sure "E.T." is the worst of all bad Kanye verses.

He doesn't say anything particularly naughty by rap standards here, but both of his verses are so horrible that he should probably hide them from his kid just so the kid doesn't lose respect for his talent. It all can be summed up in this line: "they callin' me an alien, a big-headed astronaut, maybe it's because yo' boy Yeezy get ass a lot."

2. "Kinda Like a Big Deal"
This track done with the Clipse, featuring a Kanye guest verse, is maybe one of Ye's most offensive and horrible verses of all time. Not only is the flow bad, but we get supposed details about Kanye's life that nobody, especially his child, should ever have to know about.

In this track, Kanye spits the line, "special ed, got head from a girl in special ed," and the whole world let out a collective sigh. As rap boasts go, that one is just awful. Then he continues the theme for the rest of his verse. Ugh.

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I'm sorry, that was mean. It's well written. Stupid topic.


I like HouPress typically, but this article is weak from the concept to execution. Why write this?

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