The 5 Worst Disasters in Benefit Concert History

4. Sean Hannity's Freedom Concerts Raise Some Eyebrows
Benefit concerts are considered kind of a leftist thing. It all goes back to hippies banging tambourines to raise awareness for, I don't know, tambourine rights or something. Add in the traditionally liberal nature of show business, and you'll end up with fewer conservatives getting in on the act. Fewer, but not zero.

Sean Hannity, the Fox pundit, is big on scheduling Freedom Concerts to raise money for Oliver North's Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which provides college money for the children of soldiers killed in the line of duty. As far as worthy causes go, it's hard to top that one, and bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd regularly donate their time and energy to help make it happen.

Hannity claims that every single penny from the concerts goes into the fund, but his events have come under scrutiny for corruption. In 2010 conservative blogger Debbie Schussel started questioning the way money was allocated by the concerts. Freedom Alliance dismissed her accusations as baseless, but the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) followed up hard, lodging complaints with the Federal Trade Commission.

In addition to accusing Freedom Alliance of violating aspects of its charity status, such as promoting partisan political blogs by North and selling mailing lists to conservative communication firms, CREW alleges that Freedom Alliance used only $2.1 million of the $9 million collected between 2003 and 2009 for the scholarships.

In 2007, Daily Kos went even further, claiming that as little as one percent of the proceeds made it into the hands of the kids for whom it was collected.

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