What the #!?& is Kwanzaa?: 7 Songs to Help You Figure It Out

Categories: Holidaze

4. Jeff Marx, "White Kwanzaa"

This is a comedic look at Kwanzaa, but it gets all the main points down.

3. Kamal Imani, "Happy Kwanzaa (Hip Hop)"

A Kwanzaa rap song, of which there aren't many, oddly enough.

2. William Scott, "The Kwanzaa Song"

From an album that may be the only whole Kwanzaa album out there, apparently. Somebody get to work on more, stat!

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You know Zin and some of the guys in D.R.U.M. recorded and released a really great Kwanzaa CD a few years ago. Its really really great! You need to find a copy!


I'm offended at you defining these as Kwanzaa songs!  How dare you use the K-word to describe the holiday that those that celebrate it celebrate!  Just like those uppity Christians and Jews calling their holidays Christmas and Chanukkah.  After all, a holiday tree is just as good as Christmas tree and a holiday candle arrangement is just as meaningful as a Menorah.  Thank you for my ability to rant this Christmas season (yeah, you can suck that "holiday" non-sense...I celebrate Christmas, not holiday).

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