What the #!?& is Kwanzaa?: 7 Songs to Help You Figure It Out

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Traditional Kwanzaa Book.jpg
The traditional Kwanzaa book handed out by Kwanzaa-Bot on Futurama.
It's the holiday season again and as usual people are confused: what are all these non-Christmas holidays going on? Last time we helped you figure out what Hanukkah was through the power of song. This time we'll be covering Kwanzaa.


What the #?!$ is Hanukkah?: 10 Songs to Help You Figure It Out

Kwanzaa is a week-long holiday, because when you're not celebrating Christmas you need a lot more days to make up for it. It starts the day after Christmas and goes until the first of the new year, effectively encompassing all your holiday needs for the end of December.

Kwanzaa was created by Dr. Maulana Karengato in 1966 to celebrate African-American culture. It was also created because, quoting Dr. Karenga, "Jesus was psychotic" and Christianity is a "white religion." We'll give him a pass on that one, considering the time period and the fact that he recanted those statements later.

But what does Kwanzaa mean? Well, once again, I could tell you, but what fun would that be? So here's seven songs to help you figure out this alternative December holiday.

7. Paint the Town December Children's Choir, "The Light of Kwanzaa"

Cute kids are a universal part of any holiday because, really, all this is for the children anyway.

6. The Learning Station, "Kwanzaa Song"

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church shows that, despite Dr. Karenga's comments, Christians can celebrate Kwanzaa too.

5. "Kujichagulia"

"Kujichagulia" is one of the principles of Kwanzaa, particularly of the second day. It means "self-determination" and, well, the song covers the rest.

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You know Zin and some of the guys in D.R.U.M. recorded and released a really great Kwanzaa CD a few years ago. Its really really great! You need to find a copy!


I'm offended at you defining these as Kwanzaa songs!  How dare you use the K-word to describe the holiday that those that celebrate it celebrate!  Just like those uppity Christians and Jews calling their holidays Christmas and Chanukkah.  After all, a holiday tree is just as good as Christmas tree and a holiday candle arrangement is just as meaningful as a Menorah.  Thank you for my ability to rant this Christmas season (yeah, you can suck that "holiday" non-sense...I celebrate Christmas, not holiday).

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