What the #?!$ is Hanukkah?: 10 Songs to Help You Figure It Out

Categories: Holidaze

4. Barenaked Ladies, "Hanukkah Blessings"

Like They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies produce equal-opportunity holiday songs.

3. Woody Guthrie, "Hanukkah Dance"

Like I said before, Woody Guthrie, who was not Jewish, wrote a lot of Hanukkah songs for some reason.

2. The Maccabeats, "Candelight"

Along with Smooth-E's "Hanukkah Hey Ya," this is maybe the most popular viral-Internet-meme Hanukkah song.

1. Chanan Elias and Mitch Clyman, "Chanukah: Rock of Ages"

With the Rock of Ages musical/movie and the fact that "Rock of Ages" is a Hanukkah classic, this should have been expected.

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