The 25 Best Music Videos of 2012 Nos. 20-16

17. Ghxst, "Black Camaro"

My newest favorite goth band after Angels of Liberty is Ghxst, who did a stellar recreation of Doom Generation this year in "Black Camaro." It's all loud, apocalyptic teenage violence and destruction, plus the music churns in the stomach like good, cheap wine.

16. The Irrepressibles, "New World"

Man, it's been way too long since I checked on Jamie and the Irrepressibles. "New World" isn't really on the same incredible level as "In This Shirt/The Lady is Dead," but it's still a riveting piece. We watch a young man being beaten, then attempting suicide in order to escape an abusive relationship he has with a man who clearly has deep-seated issues with his own sexuality. It's a brutal process to watch, but as with everything The Irrepressibles do, is definitely worth the pain.

Tune in tomorrow for 15-11.

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